A Guide to Using Casino Apps Safely

Finding an online casino with real money is easier than ever before. It doesn’t really matter if you’re from Canada, the USA, Germany or even Argentina, as you can enjoy real money in an online casino in all these countries, so you can win real money online without any significant barriers or difficulties. Even better is the fact that you can win real money in an online casino for free!

Taking all these aspects into consideration, we have conducted a thorough manual review of legal online casinos that pay out real money. During our reviews we have done our best to shed light on all the nuances of real money online casino platforms to suit all tastes and gaming interests.

When you play at any of the above sites, you are expected to play flawlessly, accompanied by generous bonuses and variability in banking options, as well as the chance to win real money online instantly. In this case, you should choose the best real money online casino for yourself, especially considering your country and the rules regarding accepted currencies. We can only wish you good luck in your final decision, and of course we hope you can win real money online right away!

What is an online casino?

For those who are not familiar with the basics of real money online casino, we have prepared a short explanation. In 2020, there will be countless online casinos offering their casino services, usually including slot machines for players. There are also as many strategies for winning real money online. An online casino with real money makes it easier for you to enter the game by taking some of the risks off your hands.

From the players’ side, they are encouraged to enjoy the unique game in the chosen online real money casino by using their real money. But what makes a real online casino such an advantageous option compared to an ordinary brick and mortar game? In reality, more and more people around the world are choosing to play online casino slots with real money for practical reasons.


What could be simpler and less complicated than simply opening your phone or desktop and enjoying the same (or even better) games without having to leave the warmth of your home? For these practical reasons, online casinos have experienced solid growth in recent years and have finally become the best friends of those who like to play online to win real money online.

When it comes to the nuances of how online casinos work with real money, you should be aware that every casino available on the market acts as an aggregator between software providers and players. By offering and powering the video slots and other amusements created by the software developers, online casinos offer them to the players.

A unique feature is that real casino games with real money online are usually offered in conjunction with solid bonuses and generous promotions in legal online casinos that pay out real money. In this sense, players definitely benefit from the chance to play their beloved games on a single website or application without having to lurk on the web to find a platform where they can play in real money casinos.

Why has online casino gambling become so popular?

When it comes to popularity, it is no big surprise that online casinos are now on the rise, largely due to the unexplained transition from local gambling to its online counterpart. Although destinations like Vegas or Monte Carlo are still popular with enthusiasts, the vast majority of players now use the technological applications and tools to access the best online casino.

Another compelling reason is that every online casino for real money offers groundbreaking bonuses, promotions and exclusive offers. They definitely play their part in helping people move from onsite gambling to online gambling and thus to an online casino with winning money. From our own experience in the industry of testing real money domains in online casinos, players also enjoy the ease with which they have to click a few times to gain access.

Who would ever want to take an expensive and time-consuming flight to Vegas while knowing that the same options are available anywhere in the world from your desktop or mobile phone in an online real money casino? We have also found that players are becoming more and more aware of gambling, RTPs, software developers and other nuances of an online real money casino. With all this knowledge in mind, it is becoming easier and easier to search the web to find a preferred casino for real money.

How to find a reputable online casino?

Whether you like to do your own research or simply enjoy the list of online casinos already prepared, you should be careful when choosing the best online casino where you can win money. Although the list of casinos for money that we have previously included is definitive, it is essential to review the most important aspects of our platform, including

  • Variability in games
  • Reputation
  • Security and licence
  • Bonuses
  • Banking options
  • Mobile Version
  • Support department

You should remember that the above terms are the most important elements of any online real money casino and our website in particular. If you are curious about how to select the online casino for real money winnings according to these criteria, we can only recommend that you check each platform step by step.

For example, you can choose either Planet 7, Red Stag or Slots Capital and further check one of the online casinos according to the above parameters. If you would like us to show you how to do this, just stay tuned and read on.


We are confident that we have done exactly the right thing by including this section in our review of online real money casinos. As the modern world develops rapidly, countless fraudulent and deceptive websites are appearing. To make sure you don’t lose your real money and personal information, you should be aware of the background of the website.

Believe it or not, even googling the information about the online casino can be a great way to verify the origin, affiliate group and even the credentials of real players. So you should definitely consider reputation the next time you hesitate whether or not to choose a particular online casino Canada real money.

Security and License

Our review team was busy checking the security measures and license information of each of the available online casinos that we recommend to you to win real money. Since we are on the same side with you, we want to make sure that you can actually win real money at the free online casino without any hassle or problems. In this case, we only pay attention to those online casino domains that offer users outstanding security, accompanied by the implementation of the latest encryption technologies.

When it comes to licensing issues, you should manually check the information about each of the best real money online casino sites you are interested in. While we do include a short note about the license and its nature, you can easily reassure yourself, especially if you are hesitant about your final choice.

We are the professionals in the field of real online casino, which is explained by our passion for working with online casinos that have a flawless background in terms of security and protection. Moreover, we only recommend those online casino platforms, such as an online casino that wins real money, that have a secure license to conduct activities.

If you want to check things out for yourself, we usually recommend that you review the information about SSL encryption technologies in addition to the terms relating to the security of your personal information. Once everything is in order, you can start playing without hesitation on one of our recommended websites.

Bonuses and promotions

What makes us enjoy online casinos with real money winnings even more is the exceptional value in the form of bonuses and unique promotions. You will never get the promotion at Brick and Mortar Casino unless you have some kind of welcome day.

If you are wondering what criteria we used to review the bonuses where you win real money online for free? Here is our brief summary of the most generous promotions at the online casinos mentioned above:

Match Bonus

It can also be called a sign up bonus or welcome promotion. It is the most common promotion offered by online casinos, which is based on offering 50%, 100%, 200% or even higher offers with a first deposit. In general, all online casinos have their own rules regarding match bonuses, such as the minimum deposit amount. Also, don’t forget to read the terms and conditions on one of the websites you choose.

Real money without deposit bonus

We have intentionally included some of the online casinos that do not have deposit bonus offers for players. Our review team likes this type of bonus best because it guarantees that you will receive additional benefits without having to make a withdrawal at all. Believe it or not, you can easily get some free spins or extra cash simply by playing on the sites we recommend.

Promo codes

As you can see above, we have included the list of Promo Codes next to our reviews of online casinos. When you redeem them, you can easily make your onboarding experience a little more convenient due to the free spins you have earned or other related prizes.

Banking bonuses

If you’re careful enough, you’ve probably noticed that some of the gaming platforms we introduce are famous for their banking promotions. You are only expected to make a deposit or withdrawal using a preferred payment method over credit cards. Just try to get the unique offers just because you use one e-wallet instead of the other!

VIP Agreement

Yes, we have a huge VIP system that always keeps our customers happy. Loyal customers are delighted with the bonuses given by this program, while our online casino partners can give you even more incentives to play.

As you can see, the online casino for real money is not only more convenient and easier to understand, but also generous from different perspectives. Just try to take advantage of one of the promotions to experience those vibrant gaming sensations that come with your real money winning session at the online casino.

Banking Options

For those who are wondering what the banking options are for the online money casino and how to use them, we have prepared a little explanation. The banking options, which can also be referred to as payment methods, are the ways in which you can both deposit and withdraw real money at a particular online casino.

Each casino that we recommend has a wide range of payment methods, including credit cards, wire transfer, e-wallets, Bitcoin and prepaid coupons to suit all the preferences and needs of our loyal players. Similarly, we are busy monitoring that all recommended sites maintain their values of fast payouts and clear terms and conditions.

This means that you can easily play with real money at Online Casino Australia without worrying too much about payouts, payout limits and other relevant nuances. If you are still looking for what we can recommend to players in terms of banking methods, we can easily highlight the casinos with the above mentioned bank bonuses for an online casino.

If you want to use e-wallets such as PayPal, Skrill or Neteller for real money in online casinos, these sites will certainly make you happier by offering you only solid promotions for the choice of payment method.

Mobile Version

Let’s be honest; we all spend too much time looking at the screens of our phones and tablets. The same goes for the online casinos we have partnerships with. They all have their own unique mobile casino applications, available on different operating systems and online platforms.

The most popular versions of mobile casinos include Android, iOS, iPadOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone applications. If you are annoyed by the fact that your device does not support a particular application, feel free to open it in your HTML5 browser. All in all, we are simply curious about the revolutions that have taken place in the world of online casinos.


That’s why we support online casinos that are doing their best to drive and offer mobile slots, live dealer mobile modes and other amusements. In this case, you can be sure that the best real money online casino in our list will surely only have flawless support of the mobile platforms. You are welcome to try it for yourself!

Support Department

Let’s not forget one of the most important departments in the work of any real money online casino – the support service. After we had problems with the online casino platform we tested, we paid attention to the specifications of how the support service works. Most online casino reviews are based on the effectiveness of customer support.

During our review process, the work of the support department played an increasingly important role, as we had some real problems with withdrawals or deposits in certain online casinos. Do not worry, none of these online casinos are included or recommended by our team.

To put it simply: We have carefully considered how customer service has helped to solve problems related to gambling. After that, we did our best to create our own support department, which now works around the clock to solve all the problems and inconveniences of our loyal customers.

Since we value and emphasize the problem-solving communication style, we have created the possibility to contact our support department specialists through various communication channels. Just stick with the one you find most suitable for your own use and contact our specialists for help.

If you think that our specialists will only answer you in English, you are mistaken. Competent professionals from around the world work with us to provide first class customer service in dozens of languages, which ultimately makes our team a true role model for some of the real money online casino platforms.

Commitment and Professionalism

Not to mention the fact that we are the team of online geeks who have been playing in the industry for ten years. Having gained experience and expertise during our stay in the casino world, we are now confident that we can only recommend the excellent real online casino platforms and bonuses to our readers. In this case, our professional team of geeks from around the world will be able to enhance your experience by following our recommendations, reviews and guides. If you are still wondering why we are in the online real money casino domain industry, the answer is simple and clear. We are confident in our experience and professionalism, which can be useful for your first steps in gambling.


What is a real online casino and how does it differ from a normal one?

Online casino real money is a great way to enjoy your favorite slots, table games or poker using a desktop or mobile version.

Is it safe to play and win real money?

According to our manual test, Vegas slot machines are no different from those operated by online platforms. When you talk about the security of personal information, online casinos now use SSL encryption technology, in addition to the latest security measures.

Is it true that you can get some bonuses in the real online casino?

Yes, and this is one of the most compelling reasons for players to play so much. Players are usually offered the promotions without deposit, accompanied by match bonuses, free spins and even VIP memberships. All of these are simply absent in Vegas!

Is it difficult to continue with a registration on the site?

You should only follow the instructions given on the website of your chosen online casino. In general, you will have no problems during the registration form.

What is the best online casino?

This question is really hard to answer as dozens of platforms now deserve to be called the best real money online casino. Please take a look at our list of recommended casinos to learn more about the top-ranked platforms.

Is it possible to make a deposit by credit card?

The credit card is actually one of the most commonly used payment methods in online casinos.