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    Philips SpeechOne Review: the Benefits of this Wireless Dictation Headset

    The Philips SpeechOne wireless dictation headset is designed to meet the needs of users who often use dictation or speech recognition features when creating documents. With its extremely comfortable and ergonomic design, customizable wearing options and hygienic, replaceable head and ear pads, the headset is the perfect companion in both hospital and office environments.

    Studio quality microphone

    The professional microphone reliably ensures precise speech recognition results and error-free transcriptions even in noisy environments.

    Wireless transmission

    They create mobile and wireless recordings in first-class quality even away from their workplace. If you exceed the wireless range of 5 meters, an acoustic warning signal sounds.

    Maximum wearing comfort

    The ergonomic design ensures a high level of comfort when dictating even after several hours. Whether classic, neckband or ear-free – you choose the wearing style that suits you best.

    Battery operation for one day

    The high-performance rechargeable battery has a recording time of up to 12 hours, which provides reliable support throughout your entire working day. The docking station for wireless recharging enables a charge level of 80% within 60 minutes.

    Fewer interruptions

    The status light automatically lights up red during a recording or call and can be changed manually via the docking station.

    Maximum comfort, hygiene

    The ear and head pads are interchangeable, so you can also use the headset with other authors. The microphone arm and remote control made of antimicrobial material inhibit the growth of microorganisms.

    Complete control

    The ergonomic remote control allows you to control your recording application with ease. The buttons are freely configurable and can be customized for each user and application.

    Crystal clear calls with Skype

    Communicate comfortably on Skype in crystal clear audio quality without any further installation effort.

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